Process Server

What Is A Process Service?

As written by, a process service is:
when someone – not you or anyone else listed in this case – gives a copy of your court papers to the person,
business, or public entity you are suing. Service lets the other party know:

  • What you are asking for
  • When and where the trial will be
  • What they can do

There are strict rules for serving court papers.
To read the rules, see: California Code of Civil Procedure sections 116.330, 16.340, 16.360, 415.20, 415.95 and 416.10-416.90.

Hastings Professional Process Servers holds these rules and the right to Due Process in the highest regard. Therefore, we have devised a system that allows us to make sure that you and your documents get treated properly.

All Process Servers are registered, bonded, and experienced.

Service will be completed accurately and efficiently with prompt reporting.

HastingsPPS will have control of your documents.

Status updates will be given after the 2nd and 4th attempts.

Final update will be given within 24hrs of service completion.

Hastings Professional Process Servers

“Professional Service, Exceptional Results.”

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